Announcement: New Session Search, Customized Health Checks, and more

The latest release of Amazon Lumberyard includes the following updates to Amazon GameLift. Plus, you can now download the GameLift SDKs independently, so you can get GameLift upgrades without having to upgrade to the Lumberyard game engine:

Game session search. Game developers can connect players to game sessions more quickly with the new search & sort feature. You can filter sessions by session age, number of current players, and availability of open player slots, among other characteristics.

Customized health checks. Last month we released GameLift automated health checks and metrics for game server processes. GameLift evaluates health based on whether or not the process responded to a request. With this release, you can now implement customized health checks and report health status based on their own criteria.

Multiple processes support. GameLift now fully supports running multiple processes concurrently on each fleet instance.You can:

  • include multiple server executables in a game build
  • run more than one server executable concurrently on each fleet instance
  • run multiple processes of each server executable concurrently on each fleet instance, and
  • track server process health and metrics in the Amazon GameLift console.
    Running multiple processes on fleet instances gives you greater control over how efficiently you use your GameLift resources, which can potentially reduce overall operating costs for your game.

Full release notes: