Announcement: Quickly Resolve Fleet Creation Issues

We heard you say that debugging fleet creation failures can be slow and frustrating. Not enough detail was exposed for you to understand what might be going wrong in order to debug issues further.

Today we released Fleet Creation Logs. Amazon GameLift will now collect and emit logs at regular checkpoints during the fleet creation process:

  • Build extraction. You can view these logs to be sure the binaries and artifacts you thought were being deployed actually are.
  • Server installation. Does your game server require specific runtimes, environment variables or dependencies in order to be setup and installed? Amazon GameLift will now capture the output of your install.bat (Windows) or (Linux) scripts so you know if these prerequisites were configured correctly.
  • Server launch path validation. Errors in these logs indicate a configured server launch path that does not appear to exist anywhere in the uploaded build.
    Fleet Creation Logs are available for download from the GameLift Management Console or by using the AWS CLI.

We think these logging improvements will help you debug issues faster. You can learn more about Fleet Creation Logs here or how to generally debug on GameLift, here.

Hey @Marshy, welcome to GameLift!

I’m sorry to hear that fleet creation has been a frustrating experience for you. These logs should help you out!

The DescribeFleetEvents [1] API in the AWS CLI will contain a new PreSignedLogUrl parameter for certain fleet creation event types. Those URLs are valid for 15 minutes per API call and will let you retrieve your logs. You can also access the logs from the Events tab on the GameLift Management Console for the fleet.


This is awesome (it’s my first day with Gamelift, and fleet creation has indeed been slow and frustrating). Please could you summarise the aws cli commands (or the location on the instance) for viewing build extraction logs, server installation logs and server launch path validation logs in this thread please. The link for Fleet Creation Logs doesn’t actually have any reference to installs failing or how to see the logs.

Edit: Typical - my fleet finally created successfully while writing this! :smiley: