any can help me with error renderer

any know why tell me this ??

Hey @T3LG – apologies for this experience. Could we bother you for some logs for further investigation? :smiley: Please and thanks!

so nop fix problem T_T???

Hey @T3LG, very sorry for the delays on this thread – we’ll need to figure out why this is occuring on said environment. Would it be possible to get some logs on this topics for our team to help get a solution for ya?
The logs should be under your project folder. For instance, if you’re running StarterGame, the logs would be found under dev/cache/StarterGame/pc/user/log/Editor.log
The error.log in that folder should also be helpful. Please zip up those files and upload it here and I’ll get it over to the team for further investigation :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!