Any chance for legacy GameSDK compiled for LY 1.11?

For my LY project, I’m still not ready to loose all of the things the GameSDK provided.

Namely: 1st person perspective, crouching (advanced locomotion), pickable physicalized entities that can be carried around.
So I upgraded to Lumberyard 1.11 now and wanted to start the conversion process to get all the legacy entities converted (btw very nice to see you guys are taking care of legacy projects by converting entities!), but I cannot get GameSDK to work any more in LY 1.11
I can run my levels in StarterGame, but I lost all my game functionality that way.
I know you guys said that 1.10 is the last officially supported version for GameSDK but at the same time big parts of the component entity workflow and script canvas are PREVIEW.
You mentioned that legacy tools will be gone in LY1.13 so is there a chance to get GameSDK for 1.11?

I tried compiling it myself. I got VS 2015 Community, have all the necessary flags ticked in Setup Assistant, but I don’t know much about build compiling. Do I need to compile the Editor code as well? Or is there a way to get GameSDK 1.10 code compiled so it runs in LY1.11?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Woodchuck – I’m glad to see you’re upgrading and very sorry for the troubles in the process. GameSDK is no longer supported so it would be difficult to get one specifically for 1.11. Out of curiosity, what parts of GameSDK are you happy with at the moment that is keeping you there? I’d love to get your perspectives and feedback to the team for further action :slight_smile:

here is a quick list of why current Starter Game is not sufficient yet for me to make the change:
(Please note that I’m talking as a pretty much single developer atm that wants to prototype gameplay before going wider with engineers and more teammembers, so bigger teams with proper code experience might find some of this easier)

  • 1st person locomotion and 1st person camera. I want to primarily make a 1st person experience. GameSDK did this well. Jack the robot only has basic 3rd person locomotion and I can’t quite figure out the camera component to get at least the camera into 1st person.
  • Interactions: The GameSDK had a really simple PICKABLE ENTITY mechanic that works quite well. Entities can be flagged as PICKABLE/USABLE and then the player character can pick them up either 1handed/2handed depending on helper bone setup in Maya.
    Entities could then be carried to somewhere, put down again or be thrown. You could even pick up boids or animated characters.
    This is a really nice basis for puzzle based gameplay which the Starter game just doesn’t provide.
    There is no concept of using something “Press F” in Starter game afaik.
  • Inventory: Admittedly GameSDK also didn’t have one, but I had made a basic Flowgraph inventory that stored entities that were picked up, which I’m unsure if ScriptCanvas can replicate that easily.
  • Spawn whereever you are atm to test things. In GameSDK pressing CTRL-G will spawn the player right where the viewport camera was. I couldn’t figure out how to do the same with an imported slice of Jack. He would only spawn at the single spawn point.
  • Weapons: Pretty easy to define a new player loadout with a new type of weapon that would be based on e.g. the pistol presets already in
    the GameSDK.
    Admittedly, this was not the easiest to do but there were some tutorials that made it possible for advanced users to quickly prototype weapons other than standard.
    I guess the player interactivity with the world of entities is the biggest thing for me holding me back from going 1.11. I am still on 1.10 GameSDK atm.
    That and the entity converter you guys have in 1.11 doesn’t convert AnimObjects, ParticleEmitters and Trackview sequences yet to the new component entity system.
    I saw that Layers are converted to sort of Group nodes now which is a good step to keep a sorted overview in the Entity Outliner.
    For larger teams I would recommend to keep as much of the legacy LAYER workflow intact as possible so that multiple designers can work on the same level together by checking out indvidual layers in a Repo like P4.

Btw I really like that you made the entity icons shrink with distance though, much needed change from CryEngine.

Checking out individual layers in a Repo can be reconducted to work individually on slices with the difference that slices are a way more powerful concept.

Much thanks for this feedback @Woodchuck – I’ve added this to our list for further action :slight_smile: Appreciate the perspective!