Any ETA On the next Tutorial?

Hi, Sorry if this isn’t the right place or time to ask this but I haven’t seen any new Tutorial On the LY youtube channel is there any news or roadmap on upcoming tutorials?

Also A side Question,Do you have any Game Jams or events regularly? For LY community only?

The channel is pretty much dead since John Diaz left.

Unfortunately, though the devs are doing good work on the engine, it’s that side of things that lets Lumberyard down.

good question, may be in gdc 2021 + active channel

Hi WarDuck,

as Zaphod_Beeblebrox mentioned, the departure of the awesome John Diaz was quite a blow for us. We also aren’t able to use the recording studio because of virus restrictions, so we’re having to rethink the logistics of recording tutorials. So there have been some setbacks, but tutorials are definitely still something we care about a lot. We do have several devs who have volunteered to prepare tutorials, so hopefully we’ll have something new for you before too long. If there are any specific topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know.

Thanks for your interest and hope that explanation helps a little,



@dgreer Let us speak honestly and firmly! Before John Diaz join the team, Good VT was published by the team, these words are strange! It is true that his VT was good but he was not a professional and he also did not have complete control over lumberyard! His VT were constantly interrupted and resumed, The recording camera was often “Stop, Resume / Restart” from his desktop screen and face! and he could not run live stream like Epic Games, or did not he edit VT, and these are all weaknesses, Plus an TD must know at least one video editing software before recording VT.

He has only heard these names, while with a simple camtasia studio software you can publish good VT! He did not know or did not bother to learn!

Of course, I wrote this for him here too …

@Zaphod_Beeblebrox John Diaz makes money, he was not like me and a few others to publish free VT!

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@Algo_Burn Thank you my brother :pray: :rose: :heart:
here is a list of VT Unofficial Channels
There are probably other people on the internet for VT about LY :slightly_smiling_face:


@_AhmadKarami John diaz might make money doing what he does, but he moved on to another job that he likes a lot, and a lot of people supported him. Everyone that watched his videos know that nothing can really beat them, they taught me everything I know today about the engine, and he will be missed in the LY community. Other than that I would not be saying what you are about his videos because yours are (not trying to be rude) very unprofessional, his has a great setup and is engine worthy material. Don’t try to bring others down because there work was top notch and everyone would, and will miss him when he left.


@_AhmadKarami thank you I have been following your videos for many years, your presence in this forum and in this community is very important and you are a professional training charger ++ you have been silent for a while!

@WashedUpStudios Thank you for your feedback , I think you have emotions! I have talked many times before about the right strategies for the team and wrote the strategies separately for the team to use, but there were other strategies that I gave up and will not publish.

I have not downplayed anyone and I have not been rude to anyone, I’m telling the truth, truths that are sad for many! The team and even Amazon do not consider strategies, but The best has not come yet …

Not only John Diaz, even Jeff Bezos left, do you know why? Because you do not know behind the scenes! You do not know about the strategies

A month ago, in the worst possible way, when I wanted to say goodbye to the community, many people attacked me! This is a topic : “Do not censor the issue and serve the people”, Now I see that even Jeff Bezos left, how good! Cleansing for the people.

Yes I have no claim! I am not a professional but I’m very very active

Although I have no facilities and because I live in a country that has been subjected to the most severe historical sanctions, but I’m still brilliant here, I’m happy to have something to say here … Portfolio and video tutorials, non-professional? Well, like me, You publish non-professional portfolios and video tutorials …

Even if it is simple, you do it , if you can free for people/ community / …

I hope you/team/community understand my honesty, dignity and words

with respect to all
:pray: :rose:

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@Algo_Burn You are a very personable and good person, I’m very glad that users like you are in the community and have a special sense of gratitude and thanks.

You reminded me of the user @wcb he or she was very polite and personable like you, I hope he comes back here one day …

God bless you & your family
:pray: :pray: :heart: :rose:

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