Any plans for supporting HTC Vive?

My company is developing a range of VR-based architectural visualization products and simulators. We’ve been using Unreal Engine for a while now, but are finding that the workflow it imposes is quite onerous for our particular needs. Because of this I’m evaluating Lumberyard as a potential replacement (looking good so far). So, my question is, will Lumberyard support the HTC Vive (our choice for VR) and if so, any idea when?

@ChrisDB Thanks for the reply (I must have missed that “What’s Next” post). I’ll definitely be continuing my eval of Lumberyard. I’m building a pilot project in both Lumberyard and Unreal Engine (I’ve been using UE4 for about a year) and the results so far are very interesting as to the differences between them (the light-mapping mess in UE4 alone will drive a lot of developers to Lumberyard I think).

Hi @hg_pilot,

If you have a look at the blog post … What’s Next for Lumberyard you will; see that Vive is mentioned as coming.