Anybody on the Lumberyard team working on evolving the engine on the technical side?

Hi everyone,

I just checked Amazon’s schedule for GDC 2019, and I couldn’t overlook the fact that everything goes about cloud computing, alexa, twitch, and online features, and the fact that there was nothing to present on the technical side of the game engine itself raised a profound concern within me. I understand that the online side of the product is the only reason why Amazon is maintaining Lumberyard, but is anybody on the Lumberyard team actually working on keeping the engine up to date? By that I mean the local side of the engine, graphics, effects, tools that actually help building games rather than online experiences only. I’m about to invest on learning an engine to stick with for the next few years and I don’t want to think that the engine is going to go un-maintained on the technical side immediately and we will have the same technical capabilities in 3 years from now but amazing online… Most of the other engines are putting big efforts on keeping their engines technically fresh, current and relevant (Vulkan, Visual effects and algorithms, Audio improvements, local AI tools, modelling tools, massive performance improvements, etc) and if that’s not the case for Lumberyard I’d be thankful if you could let us know now for the people like me who are about to make a decision between Lumberyard or the other engines. Thank you in advance.

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Yeah guys you are right, I Am afraid for the future of LY too, bcoz amazon dev team only maintain the clouds features, but not the engine as it-self. I’m interested in clouds tech in last, but first graphics features and overall user-frendly usage of engine, nice engine c++ api

This sad situation pushing me to starting thinking to return back to use custom 3d engines

That’s why I’m also curious can we hope to future impovements of engine?(not clouds extensions for engine)

Is there any plans for such kind of work in dev team ?

I am in exactly the same situation. Please let us know if there is no future plan for improving engine itself (i do not mean cloud features).

Hi @pm_Mark, thank you for the heads up, and taking the time to share with us. Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit San Francisco for GDC regardless of how much I’d love to (sigh). That’s why I’ll be trying to squeeze as much information as I can from here if you’re ok with that :).

Don’t get me wrong, networking is a massive beast to tame in video games, and all improvements dedicated to easing it out are definitely a godsend. I presume though that most users (I’m new to Lumberyard but that’s the feeling I’m getting from this forums) would like to know a bit more on the graphics department, and it only makes sense since it’s the first impression that consumers will get from your product, from youtube videos or steam captures, so it’s the first selling point (if you also have good assets that is). I understand that the Lumberyard team is not ready yet to provide users with a roadmap (quite a popular request according to the forums), but any kind of reassuring sentence on that regard would be definitely welcome, something like “we have a team working on the latest Siggraph findings but it’s hard to tell when will they be released since we want to make sure that the implementation is rock-solid” would do the trick (hopefully that being true :), just to make sure that there will be something coming on that department.

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Hey all–Mark here. I’m a product manager on Lumberyard.

Thanks for checking out our GDC schedule and posting! Amazon has a lot of things we think can help game developers, so there is going to be a lot of different product in our booth. Lumberyard is going to have several stations set up, covering things like animation, visual scripting, creating environments at scale, and more.

In the past couple of Lumberyard releases, we’ve released new features and improvements hardened by teams shipping games, like some pretty big architectural changes in Lumberyard 1.16 and workflow improvements in Lumberyard 1.17. And there is definitely more on the horizon! :slight_smile:

I’ll be milling around our booth at GDC, so come find me if you’ll be there. It’d be great to talk some more!

Hi Mark, thanks for reply.

As DiegoBM mentioned, not all indie devs (I think most of them) ably to visit to GDC event.

It’s quate far and it’s costly.

But I’m just curious, what type of questions are asked from users/indie devs that uses the LY and that beeing on this event ?

(I’m don’t mean SG related questions, but rather related with engine systems and c++ api from mature indie devs)

Because my’s questions if very close to the engine’s core functionality usage:

Do you plaing to made futher impovements for PhysX, with adding such things like: cloath for character, ragdoll with physX, base vehicles, flying actors… ? because right now the PhysX is very raw, even with compare with legacy cry’s physics.

Also just curious, maybe you have plans (unofficial internal plans xD) to replace the old CryRenderer with something new and more lightweight ? I mean more modern renderer for instance - Unigine-like renderer, or even update cry-render with something like - DeligentCore? Or maybe LY’s dev team just have plans to modernize current renderer to bring into LY’s engine render-tech like: node-based materials, scriptable renderpath, non-planar real-time reflections, NPR and more other… ?

Can we hoping to that GI(Total illumination v2) will be fixed in future releases? Bacause in last version (1.17) of engine it’s have some bugs, and few parameteres was deleted from options

Maybe you guys also take a look closer on blender->fbx->engine asset pipeline more closer. Because (I think) most of true-indie devs use Blender, since Maya’s and 3dmax’s licenses not frendly for tiny teams or solo devs.
Because for instance alembic have some problems with normals, folks also talk about UVs distortion problems.

Also for instance: just each newly imported model(jsut simple static box with 1 mat) has annoying bug with material’s transparency. Can we hoping that in future releaces we got options for that to importing material with ignoring transparency from fbx (or some workaround for this) ?

Does devs planning add something for AI related? Not just pathfinder that is already on a board, but maybe something like behaviour tree full functional node editor ? Or maybe something like stearing behaviors for flying actors ?

I have a ton of similar questions, but for start I think is enough )

ps. almost forgot to ask one another thing) Can you guys made something with current forum, it’s very incomfortable to send post and do conversation, post pictures and share code. I think forum should be comfortable to game developer in first(PC, wiedscreen), but not for the random guy with smartphone.

A lot of feedback… thanks, @DiegoBM and @fluffy! It is going to take me a little time to get all of this to the right team. I’ll see if I can get someone to jump in on some of the bugs you mention, @fluffy.

Re: graphics. Much like networking, graphics is a massive beast to tame. We’ve got some improvements in the pipeline. We are also focusing on making sure our customers have the latest and greatest rendering and tooling. Definitely a lot more to come in that department.

Re: PhysX. Hang tight (you won’t have to for much longer!). :wink:

I do not know you have seen this article, but there is a good analysis of some errors in code.

Here: Amazon Lumberyard: A Scream of Anguish

Hi @petrocket thanks for reply.

The GI bug was described by @JimLi


and here

I just add my’s two cents to prev. feedback

  1. GI killing LensFlare effect to 0

for instance here I’m just switch GI (on/off) (more black picture it’s when GI is on) as you may see the Drones have LensFlare effect only without GI (the stripes of the red light)

  1. The GI have a very lazy light’s bounces update

example 1:

example 2:

  1. I think GI also dramaticly reduce all reflectance light (specular) on objects

  2. some time objects looks very flat, it’s looks like they have only albedo textures, without any reflectance (specular) color

About Importing transparency bug :

this is my just imported model

material by default have almost tranparent settings

if you want to play with it I share with this file, this is simple rocks model.

Thank you @pm_Mark it’s comforting to hear :slight_smile:

Hi @fluffy, thank you for this excellent feedback. It would be very useful if you can specify which bugs you have run into with GI (TI v2). Some of the parameters were removed because they didn’t do anything or were broken, so it’d be good to know which ones you used that are no longer available. Also, if you could provide more information about the material transparency bug, that’d be great. I’ve exported several .fbx models/materials from Blender and haven’t seen a transparency issue.