Arabic Text Support



Does Amazon Lumberyard support the correct rendering of right-to-left scripts such as Arabic? Will Arabic letters appear connected and from right to left? Please advise. Thanks.

Hi bsweileh. How i know supported only English language. But you can use custom font, for any language what you wish. Read more about custom fonts (Implementing New Fonts) About right-to-left, cant say i dont have experience in this, but i think it’s not will problem.

Hi @Anatoliy. Thanks for your reply.

I followed the steps outlined in the documentation and no luck.

Without the an Arabic-supported font assigned to the text element, the Arabic text appears as a series of squares. After I added the Arabic font to the project, created an associated .xml (or .font) file, and assigned the font to the text element, the Arabic letters appeared but they were disjoint, in isolated forms, and from left to right.

I have included screenshots of the steps I took.

Does this mean that amazon Lumberyard doesn’t support Arabic text out of the box? Is there something I am missing? Please advise. Thanks.

I’d appreciate some more guidance on how to render Arabic text properly within Amazon Lumberyard. I’ve tried the steps outlined in the documentation, but no success. Any ideas? Thanks!