Are lmbr_waf and Visual Studio builds equivalent?

Are the two methods of building, using lmbr_waf or Visual Studio, equivalent?

I’ve read Tutorial: Compiling the Engine, Editor, and Game which states lmbr_waf is suited for automated building. While that’s true, but you can also use Visual Studio projects in automated builds using the msbuild command, which makes me wonder what’s the difference between the two.

Assuming they are equivalent, should I be able to switch between lmbr_waf builds and Visual Studio builds for the same project without expecting everything to rebuild?

I don’t see why not. Lumberyard uses the VS compilers so it should be assumed that lmbr_waf calls cl and link commands. I believe that msbuild just calls lmbr_waf to tell it to compile as looking into the properties for a solution shows that it calls lmbr_waf via NMake.

Yes, they’re the same.

If you only make changes to your Game Gem, and not the Engine or Editor, you can set the Build Config to “[Game] Profile” or if you need to build the Engine to and you’re using the LumberyardSDK VS Solution you can use “[Game and Engine] Profile”. Just building the Game is much faster though.

You want to use the Profile ones as they’re the ones that build into the Bin64vc[140/120] directories.