Are the new regions ready to be used for gamelift?


Looking forward to supporting the new regions!

This may be early yet, but on a call to DescribeGameSessionQueuesAsync, we were receiving the following Failure outcome for 2 of the new regions (us-west-1 and ap-southeast-2)…

Failure:Unable to connect to endpoint.

We are getting good pings to all of the 14 regions. Although eu-west-1 sometimes times out.



Hey there @johnsanderson -

Yes, we do expect that you would be able to access all of GameLift’s features from the newly launch regions, including the Queues APIs.

  1. Could you report which version of the AWS SDK (or CLI) you are using? The newer versions should have the new service endpoints in them that instruct your local client how to contact GameLift in that region.
  2. Is it just the DescribeGameSessionQueuesAsync API that you are having difficulty with? Do any of the GameLift APIs work for you in the new regions (eg. CreateFleet)?

Hello @MisterGameLift,

We may just need a current update to the AWS SDK. We last updated on August 25th.

We are currently using AWS SDK version 1.1.36 and have release notes up to 3.1.7.

Will update when we do update.



Hello @MisterGameLift,

We updated the AWS SDK core and gamelift modules to version 1.1.50 that was available on 9/11 and are still seeing the Failure:Unable to connect to endpoint on the DescribeGameSessionQueuesAsync calls to regions us-west-1 and ap-southeast-2. Are there perhaps specific update procedures / steps that we should adhere to?

Meanwhile we have been able to create and update builds, fleets, aliases, and queues using the AWS cli that we updated on 9/11 as well. The dashboard interface for a couple of the new regions that we have started working with (us-west-1 and us-east-2) at least are also working well.

We will continue to update more of the new regions this week.



To others who might be following this thread - we are working with @johnanderson offline to debug this a bit. Once we know the underlying cause, we’ll post back here.

Quick update for anyone watching - we’ve been able to confirm that other GameLift customers are able to connect and utilize the 5 newly launched regions without issue.

If you encounter connection timeouts, two parameters to experiment with are the connectTimeoutMs and requestTimeoutMs, configurable as part of setting up the AWS SDK client. For example:

awsClientConfiguration->region = "us-east-2";
awsClientConfiguration->connectTimeoutMs = 10000;
awsClientConfiguration->requestTimeoutMs = 15000;