Are there any alternative ways to track framerate?

I have created a scene where I have added 100+ RigidBodyEx boat models to the scene and turned off the rest parameter. When I load in to see them all fall into the ocean, my robot observer begins to stutter like crazy, but the FPS at the top still shows around 60 which doesn’t sound right. Some models aren’t even falling

Is there any way to track what is going on? I have added a gif to show this happening.

Thank you for spending time and trying physic object, there is profiling tool that included in called Statoscope, you can find document here . Please let me know what do you think.

I could not find anywhere in the link posted to start up the Statoscope. If you know where in the documentation on how to start it, please tell me.

Check the Lumberyard documentation.

Lumberyard is not CryEngine.
You can however use console commands the same way as in CE3, you just have to be aware that the commands are different and the tools are as well.

@Datouwan How would I set up the Statoscope? I found an old CryEngine document but couldn’t figure out how to set the environment variables while in the editor.

set e_StatoscopeEnabled to 1

To enable tracking:
e_StatoscopeEnable 1

Set that you want to log to a file
e_CreateLogFile 1

Set the destination of that file to local e_StatoscopeLogDestination 0

Find your profiling tool here

Find your logged stuff here