Are there plan to make a Gamelift Golang Sdk?

Golang is a very actual and viable option for game servers especially for games not written in c++ where there is just no code reuse.

I’m writing a golang server for my simple html5 games I want to deploy to gamelift then possibly make a lumberyard version of the game and let the two client play in the same server that uses raw tcp sockets and websockets.

I see there is a c++ and c# sdk, but to wrap the c++ one doesn’t excite me so much, i never done it and looks like the sdk could be more optimally ported to go without the need for c++ dependencies.

Hi @Gamely,

Thank you for this extremely useful feedback.

We take suggestions like these seriously, and I have filed a feature request on your behalf. Other users adding their votes and +1s on the forums here helps us gauge the relative demand for features and can influence the timeline.
You have my vote!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to understand your needs.

Sadly this forum doesn’t seem to provide any kind of voting feature.

I heard that some forum platform upgrade has been considered so please add this +1 thing.

As for the OP I have seen that AWS sdk just support Golang so, maybe it is not totally alien to Gamelift team.

Still talking about golang also Lambda seem to miss this kind of support that may represent a huge improvement in performances(I have seen some tests online using a workaround and it was still very fast even with the overhead of the workaround).

Hey @Gamely I wrote this golang wrapper around the C++ sdk if you’re interested:, it implements a subset of the full functionality and currently compiles on macos/linux not windows