Are there plans for a Marketplace/Assetstore for lumberyard engine?

Are there any plans for a marketplace / assetstore for content and Engine/Editor extensions? Can you give any details or a roadmap?

To answer your question about the roadmap, we don’t have one to share just yet. We believe that
our customers should drive the Lumberyard roadmap, and since Lumberyard is just
getting into your hands, we expect our existing plans will change. In fact, our
entire team is excited to build a new roadmap based on your feedback, so please
continue to post on our forums and give us your thoughts.

What we can share right now is
that we’re not slowing down, and we have lots more features and improvements
coming in the near future. You’ll soon see VR and mobile support, a new modular
component system that makes it easier to create new game entities and prefabs
(we’ll give you a sneak peak via our blog next week), a new FBX importer, GPU
particle effects support, continued improvements to the new asset processor, EU
support for Amazon GameLift, additional ChatPlay functional for voting, and


I appreciate your answer. I’m looking forward to the Lumberyard marketplace to be able to sell game assets and editor extensions. It will be nice being able to port existing tools to Lumberyard and promote to users.

Any news? This is the only missing element to make Lumberyard a top notch product :slight_smile: