Are we able to use Gamelift to do multiplayer games that allow players to change game settings like in Civilization 6 or Halo?


Are you we able to allow players to change options using Unreal Engine 4 and Gamelift to allow them to customize their games? From what I understand Gamelift doesn’t allow us to upload changes so does this mean we’re stuck offering players only one set of settings unless we upload a whole new build?

That’s entirely up to you. The GameLift servers aren’t anything special - they just run your game with the settings/parameters you provide. If you want players to alter those settings (like, difficulty, # bots, whatever) then just build the RPC calls to adjust those settings on the server, and expose the functionality to your clients.

Said slightly differently - if you can create a lan game on GridMate where clients can join a server, change the settings, and then all play a match, then getting it all working on GameLift as well is just a matter of changing how you connect to sessions to begin with – everything else (ie, your game logic) remains the largely same.