Article "Start making video games"

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While I was a soldier serving my country, I discovered five dangerous Big Bad Bugs in MTN Irancell Telecommunication and Iran Telecommunication, and news agencies and newspapers covered it. :point_down:

In my book “Demoatory”, I wrote my reasons why I entered the world of making video games, however, in 2013 I entered the world of making video games.

Then, with a brief analysis, I found out and wrote this article in Persian, this article is from six years ago, But it can be used for beginners in this forum, well, so let’s start, translation from Persian to English :point_down:

Article "Start making video games"


In today’s modern world, the communication of science plays a constructive role in the relationship between academia and industry.

The design and programming of the new generation of games clarifies the engineering connections between the various sciences, and the science of game-making can be designed in the form of three basic factors:

  1. The science of game-making can be recognized in the political field as a tool of soft warfare.

  2. The science of game-making can be described in economics as a large, high-income industry.

  3. The science of game-making can be considered as a medium such as cinema, television, Internet, etc., which in the field of psychology and sociology is a cultural, social messenger and the field of planting ideas to achieve specific goals.

Turning the pages of the history of game development in the past decades, we see that there have been ups and downs for the new generation of games to enter the field, and from the simple and popular games of Atari, Commodore, Siga at that time to flashy games and Today, many algorithms have been invented and obsolete, such as the Xbox and PlayStation, and the way in-game problem-solving has evolved over the past decades, and even the application of mathematical and physics equations to be used in today’s games is evident. And all the implementations have been accomplished by the game engine, but what is the game engine or game engine? Game engines can be considered the most complex computer software after the operating system, with game engine you can create the world you have in mind, you can see imaginary islands floating in the sky, forested mountains that are always foggy Or simulate the landing of a space shuttle as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere and …

Game engines generally do three things:
1-Build games
2-Build simulators
3-Build animation, which of course in this article refers to the use of game engines to build new generation games.

There are two types of game engines:
1-Open/Public game engines
2-Closed/Private game engines

There are many game engines that are used in the form of software, publicly or privately, such as: UDK, Unity, CryEngine, Unigine, Dunia, Torque 3D, Fox Engine, Panda 3D, etc., each of which features They are different from each other.

In game engines, various systems are provided to game designers, which include the following:

A- Build nature in the game

B- Application of physics equations and problem solving methods in the game

C- Application of mathematical equations and problem solving methods in the game

D- Implement animations using graphs

E- Particle construction and its effects in the game (such as rain, fire creation, bullet effects of objects, etc.)

F- Programming one or more characters under the network in the game

G- AI-independent or graph-dependent AI programming in the game like A* Graph Points algorithm or NavMesh Plan

H- Database programming and its application in the game

Many university graduates in various fields such as computer, architecture, graphics, etc. can work together in a theoretical and practical knowledge learned at the university to build a game project, And the vital factor in a large project can play an important role, there are groups that each group has a specific responsibility and all these groups are in contact with each other to complete the project, these groups are as follows :

1- Managers and suppliers in different departments: Supervise the project scheduling and project budgeting.

2- level designers: Objects designed by the group of model designers,
Based on the written explanations, the group of “Scenario Writers” and the group of “psychologists” put in the project and also this group designs the nature system which includes forests, sea, mountains, valleys, etc.

3- Graphic designers: Design attractive menus, icons, symbols, textures and all 2D objects, as well as provide written and visual explanations in writing to describe the steps in the project on paper.

4- Model designers: they design three-dimensional objects and these designs are provided to the graphic group in the form of models so that textures can be done on the models.

5- Animators: All characters or characters designed by the group of model designers are given to the group of animators to apply animations on these characters.

6- Programmers: All the events that are going to happen in the game are arranged by the programmers by writing codes and scripts, for example, a bullet that is fired or an enemy that dies or the death of the hero of the game by writing programming codes. That is what happens.

7- Composer and sound engineer: In fact, the terrifying music, action and sounds that are emitted from the enemy or the hero of the game, or for example, the sound of a rainy stage on the racetrack, is the task of this group to design or record it.

8- Psychologists: In the big games that are produced by entertainment-advertising giants, it is actually through this group that foreign cultural messages are implanted in the player’s mind, consciously or unconsciously, and this group explains how to send messages in the game They explain and explain how to explain this in the form of planting thoughts in writing.

9- Collectors of information: This group actually collects various information to generate ideas and explain general issues in the game project.

10- Scenario Writers: What we see as screenwriting in a movie or series happens in the game that explains the process of each stage of the game, how and under what circumstances and where the protagonist or the main character Must pass the stage successfully.

11- Tester: This group examines the game based on various parameters such as the level of artificial intelligence of the enemies or the level of artificial intelligence of the main character, the rate of frame rate drop in different conditions, the amount of light and the amount of shadows and the parameters of a good graphic. Finally, they report in writing to various managers about the problems of the game.

12- Lighting: This group lights different places in all stages of the game.

13- Optimizers: This group works on optimizing all stages of the game, optimizing models, reviewing polygons, triangles, and textures to reduce memory usage, CPU-GPU usage, and increase frame rate. Give.

14- Effect designers: In fact, they cover parts of the game whose graphics are poor and the game does not have good graphics, and this group tries to compensate for the graphic defects in the game, even if a game has excellent graphics. This group is necessary because the implementation of effects in the game is necessary and there are definitions in the field of theory and practice in games to which this group responds.

In our country, steps have been taken for this new media and Iranian game companies operate under the supervision of the National Computer Games Foundation in the country and a number of Iranian games have been designed and its number is increasing every year.

It should be noted that the existence of game engine vacuum in schools, universities is strongly felt and unfortunately many teachers and university professors are incapable of applying their theoretical knowledge and it can be said that game engines are a benchmark for this type of theory-based teachers and professors. And theoretical knowledge will be valuable when the implementation of this knowledge is practical.

The last month of autumn in 2014, The source of this article :point_down:

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