Articles About Amazon Lumberyard [ different Language]

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I Suggest to People on the this Forum and See My Topic , if you migrate to amazon lumberyard, I suggest, like as me , you write Articles about Amazon Lumberyard with your native Language , I wrote one Article about Amazon Lumberyard 1.1 to Lumberyard 1.9 with Persian Language, also I wrote a lot things about lumberyard and How to Start with Lumberyard,Official and Unofficial Channels , News , etc about Lumberyard , if you can publish such as articles with different language like as Arabic , Germanic,Italian ,Spanish, Japanese, Korean,Chinese,Kurdish,Turkish , etc [With every language you can write about Amazon Lumberyard]

Please see my article about Amazon Lumberyard

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Ahmad Karami

This is a great suggestion! Thanks @@AhmadKarami.

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