asio async_connect error: system:111 (Connection refused)

Well I tried opening my linux server on my Ubantu and I got this error when gamelift->InitSDK() is being called:

asio_connect error: system111(connection refused)

Error getting remote endpoint: system107 (Transport endpoint is not connected)

The same code connect fine on my WindowServer. This only happen on my Linux server. I tried running this on AWS Gamelift, but it just hanged at activation until it return error. Any pointer on how I can solve this?

Well, just open another fleet for you, it should produce the same result. (We already terminated the last one):

[singapore region]


Can we have the fleet id and region so we can take a closer look?

Hello? Are you going to check this or not, otherwise I’m gonna shut it down…

Does GameLift local works on Ubantu?

Hello @KillerPenguin,

Our logs indicate that the processes are being launched but never communicating. What version of the SDK are you using? Have you had success integrating with GameLiftLocal[1]?

[1] -



I believe Gamelift local should work as its just a Java jar file.

Also I would check your ports are correctly open and theres no router/network layer blocking those ports from your clients.

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