Asset Bundler nesting level.pak and requiring level.pak in seed

Asset Bundler requires “level.pak” in the seed in order to know what to chunk in the main pak file. But the level.pak also gets chunked. But Lumberyard doesn’t use that. Lumberyard uses the “level.pak” which is generated in the “auxiliary” level.pak chunked at levels/levelName/level.pak

So I’m at a situation where level.pak is stored twice. Once in the pak generated by asset bundler and once in the pak copied over. Lumberyard seems to want to use the level.pak which is in levels/levelName/level.pak

Additionally, sound doesn’t get bundled because it doesn’t throw init.bnk in the pak but it does throw in content.bnk. I had to add init.bnk to the seed manually in order to get sound to work.

It turns out there’s actually a lot of duplicated content between what’s in the engine pak and what’s in the game pak.

It would be beneficial, I think, to be able to remove any overlaps. For example, if you could take the default seed list and remove all those seeds from the game seed list.

Hi there @wcb!

I’m one of the developers that built the Asset Bundler, and I wanted to thank you for your feedback on our tool! I’ve logged your feedback internally and made sure the rest of my team is aware of it.

In reference to your second post, we currently have a tutorial that can help walk you through the process of managing and removing some of the duplicated content you are referring to. You can find the tutorial here:

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Hi @wcb

In the previous tutorial, you created two .pak files: Engine_pc.pak and MyGame_pc.pak .

If you unpack these files, or compare the asset lists, you might notice that some files are duplicated in both bundles. The following image shows the unpacked archives viewed in a comparison tool. The tool shows files that are identical in both directories.

I hope it helps in something. Thanks!

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Um yes that’s exactly what I said in my original post. That’s not good design to have assets duplicated in each bundle pak.

Okay, if I see any other way I share it here with the Community!