Asset Processor are crashing while re-importing FBX (only if module has componets for registration)

Hi there!

I have strange behaviour of AssetProcessor even with std LY’s assets like Jack’s animation’s.

This error caused while Editor trying to re-importing FBX.

To solve this issue I have to comment all my own components in project gem module, and only SystemComponent stays for registation to allow startup the Editor.

In this case AssetImporte working almoust fine.

Why this happened?

Why AssetProcessor trying to doing something with “m_descriptors” list of project module while It works only with resources/assets ?

this is my workaround for this, Here I’m just comment all my components for times when Editor wants imports something into game, after that I un-comment all my components and work as usual

and this is place where error are caused when my components are “on”