Asset Processor Request

Hi I am asking out to all of the Lumberyard Staff and Devs to take a look at this post. I have found a great addition to the asset processor that will help me and I believe many more people out there. We should have a setting in the asset processor to change how many “In Progress” items you have going at once. I have 16 gb of ram, not a lot but over the requirements of Lumberyard, and my ram fills up a lot more when I have the default 5 “In Progress” files going than one at a time. So I am hoping to see this implemented if possible to change the 5 down to 1 so it takes longer to get them but does not take 100% of my Ram to get them done faster. Thanks for all your time! :+1:

Hi @WashedUpStudios - In your dev folder in AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.ini you can set maxjobs=1, the default optimizes for speed and will process more assets concurrently.

Does that help?


Yes thanks @CC_Brian That is what I was looking for!