Audio Debugging Audio Area Entity in LY?


I had a question about debugging an Audio Area Entity. In this tutorial using Cryengine they use commands in the console to help the player see when the audio triggers using s_drawaudiodebug abcde and s_audioimplname CryAudioimplWwise. I looked on here and LY docs and I cant seem to find anything explaining the LY version of s_audioimplname CryAudioimplWwise. Can someone please help?

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Hi @The_Audio_Beast

You don’t need to be setting the implementation name. You’d only need to use that if your team had written, say, an FMOD integration and wanted to use that instead of Wwise. That said, on Lumberyard, the cvar is named s_AudioSystemImplementationName.

For debug drawing audio-related information on screen, you can use s_DrawAudioDebug. As you’ve seen, the characters you pass as options are like flags. Type s_DrawAudioDebug ? to see the help info about the command, or simply type the command without any options to see the current value.

If you want to see the red spheres and text where sounds are playing, then abcde should be fine. Another helpful flag combo that I use is vw which shows active audio objects and events in a list. If you are having any issues with banks, use x to show the currently loaded soundbanks. And finally, to turn off the display, just pass zero (0) to the command.

Hope this helps!

The docs should have a list, but the simpler way to see the audio-related ones is by using the console directly. Audio cvars are all prefixed the same, just start typing s_ in the console and hit , it will show you all the audio commands. If you want to get help on any command, enter it with a ? as I mentioned before.


Awesome! Thank you. Let me test this out and confirm.

Also while we are on the subject is there a list of all the flags on LY somewhere preferably audio flags :)?

Thanks again


Ahh ok, sounds good.

Thank you very much !

@zebra_xrayFor whatever reason I cant debug in combos like abcde or ab or vw. Not that big of a deal as I was successful per the info you instructed above!