Audio States and Switch Groups

I’m having issues with my Audio States and Switch Groups per the tutorial Learn Lumberyard Audio States and Switch Groups in Wwise LTX | Lumberyard Tutorial 2020.16 - YouTube.

I set everything up the way it was in the video but I’m doing this in parallel to my own project. So I’m not using his examples. I was able to get it setup properly in order to set up the footsteps and ambient sound. I found it really disorganized how in the tutorial the SFX entities lived under and through so many different entities. It looked like hell to organize and keep track of things as the project grows.

So I created and consolidated all my SFX into one canvas script. So within the Canvas Script I don’t use any “self” sources. I created a bank of variables which allows me to get the EntityID of outside entities to use within the script. So I can activate them to use.

So I got to the point in the video where I got the toggle states done. So when I play in the game it plays the default footsteps and ambient without an issue. And then when I enter a building it changes the state. The readout on my console says the states were activated and changed properly. But the audio file is still playing the default footsteps and ambient environment SFX.

I have the switches setup properly in Wwise. From Wwise I can select each Switch Container and sample the tracks and they play as intended. Outside vs. inside for the environment and grass vs. rock for the footsteps.

So I’m wondering if the issue is with the Audio Controller and how it’s porting over the switches. Because the audio is playing, and the states are changing. But it’s not switching up the audio per the state change.

Thanks in advance. But if anyone wants to help me on this in discord in real-time that would be amazing.