Auto scaling question

Quick question regarding auto scaling that I could’t answer myself from reading the docs.

When a fleet is autoscaling down and the protection policy of a fleet is set to full protection. Does gamelift set the PlayerSessionCreationPolicy to DENY_ALL automatically on running gamesessions to prevent new player sessions from entering a game session that should be terminated in time as a result of scaling down?

If not, is there another way to ‘mark’ gamesessions that should end? So that the instance will gracefully shut down once all sessions are done.



This does not happen automatically. When you are scaling down it will treat all hosts equally. The first host that ends up with no game sessions running on it will be the first eligible to scale down. When placing game sessions we pack them onto instances in such a way that we favor fully-loaded hosts. This allows for other hosts to free up and become eligible for scaling down.

Does this help?

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That’s clear. Thanks.