AWs Gamelift unity windows build doesn't Create game session but Unity Editor works fine

I am trying to create a multiplayer using AWS and unity. I have integrated AWS in my unity game successfully and it works perfectly fine in Unity Editor but the problem arises when I try to run my game in windows build or android build.
The game session is being created and player is getting accepted when I play in unity editor but it doesn’t work at all when I play the game in windows or android build.

Can you expand on what “it doesn’t work at all” means? Can you provide details about how things failing? Does the server start up and get registered? Can you create a game session?

Is this related to your fleet capacity error?

The game session doesn’t start! There is no callback recieved in game session start function in server script when i play in build. But if i see in the aws console, then a game session gets created! It says “reserved” instead of active though.
It’s just in the build, I don’t receive any callback.
I don’t think fleet capacity is the issue because things working fine in Editor.
It’s something with build or maybe in console, i don’t really have an idea!

I have attached screenshot of logs in both build and editor!

Hey Davinder_Singh, Can you confirm using this api DescribeFleetPortSettings - GameLift Service that your fleet has correct InBound and OutBound permissions set to allow traffic on those ports? (eg: For 1900 port).

If the correct permissions are not set then you can use this api UpdateFleetPortSettings - GameLift Service to set these permissions.