AWS javascript SDK for gamelift client

As I have read from GameLift documentation, there is no separate Gamelift SDK for client but to use the AWS javascript SDK.

Our game is browser based, unfortunately, the released javascript SDK V3 is developed and tested in nodejs. It was stated in the documentation to use webpack to package and select the client sdk to be used, I just did that.
I also tested the same code in nodejs and it works perfectly.
However, when I packed it and execute in web browser, I am getting Credentials error which does not occur in a straight up nodejs using the sdk,
What am i missing and what needs to be done?
I do think this is a bug in the sdk and the webbrowser version of javascript was not tested or maybe an afterthought? Wed like to have our browserbased javascript game use gamelift client SDK to query sessions and other game lift features.

Additional information I reported in stack overflow below, it includes the source code to both the HTML and the webpack.
see bellow:

Hey Bond007, I see you asked a similar question Using AWS javascript SDK for gamelift

The answer to this post is the same as the other: The AWS SDK is used for APIs to communicate with the GameLift AWS Cloud Service. These credentials are needed to call AWS services, and full documentation can be found here AWS security credentials - AWS General Reference (also, docs for configuring the JS SDK Configuring the SDK for JavaScript - AWS SDK for JavaScript)