AZ_Assert - not break program execution, why?

Hi i try understand why

AZ_Assert(false, "Some message") ;

Not breaking my program execution. In “Trace.h” i read this “Asserts should be used for critical errors, where the program cannot continue. They print the message together with file and line number, and a call stack if available. They then break program execution.” I trying use


But the same problem, my game not breaking, or i not correct understand this macros ?

To be honest, I don’t know.

How are you running your tests? Is it inside the editor? Are you inside a debug environment (running inside visual studio using a debug build or just using the debug directories)?

I know it’s annoying answering “random” questions, but once we figured it out, it will help others with the same problems.

(Can’t figure out why you would get a log event instead of a “normal” assert…)

Change it to debug.

I think I got the same response as you do. It only logs a message in “profile” mode. Debug mode is different.

(It’s compiling to double check this and takes a long while, but wanted to write this :slight_smile:

I think you’re not running in debug mode is the main take away.

Hey @Anatoliy

Shouldn’t it only break when the assertion fails?

AZ_Assert(false, "dsfsdf");

Yes you right “false”, this is my misspelling. But not breaking :frowning: I see in log message but game not break and continues to work. Why?

Thanks for trying helping :slight_smile: I glad answer to ““random” questions”.

“How are you running your tests? Is it inside the editor?” - no i build in vs2015 ([all] profile_dedicated) and then run *Luncher_Server.exe. Luncher i run from “\dev\Bin64vc140.Dedicated\GameLauncher_Server.exe”

I understand clear ? If AZ_Assert(false, “asdasd”) my game must be shutdown ?

Hi Nocturn. Yes you right !!! All worked excellent when profile set to “[all] *_debug” profile. How i understood AZ_Assert using only for debugging mode not for release. Thank you very much for help :slight_smile: