Basic questions about GameSDK

I have several questions about the legacy game that should be simple to answer but I am wasting a lot of time I don’t have trying to find the answers.

  1. When running stand alone, how can I set the display resolution and the full screen flag.

  2. Where is Start_FG.xml I can see it in the editor but can’t find it in any of the file systems

  3. Where is the single player camera? I can see a load of cameras attached to the gdc demo fly through, but that’s all.

Found the display settings in system_windows_pc.cfg

Start_FG can be found by…

View - Open view pane - Object Selector

Double clicking of the Start_fg element brings it up in the roll bar menu

Then click on


To open up the details and click on


To edit the flow graph

Then you can save it do disk as an XML file.

Be careful though, the flow graph editor has a habit of crashing