Being billed for a deleted fleet

Hey, I am pretty new to AWS and have been experimenting with game builds, and fleets. Recently I make a fleet (Spot, N. California, Windows 2012). I then deleted the fleet, however, ever since I created it I am being billed and recently it hit 44 hours. The bill details page says:

c5.large GameLift Windows Spot Instance Hour with 50 GB EBS in US West (N. California)

44.000 Hours


I also checked EC2 to make sure nothing was running there, and this was in the GameLift section anyway. Am I missing something here? Because honestly, it’s quite annoying that I cannot figure out what I am being billed for.

Thanks In Advance,

You should only be billed for active instances in a fleet (time in ACTIVE state).

If you can provide:

  • the fleet id
  • and the approx time you deleted it

I can get the GameLift service team to take a look