Best way to create material variation?

I was wondering if there is an efficient (or tricky) way to generate material variation?

I didn’t find a method like variation in material editor and it’s not very convenient to add variation function to the material editor as it’s not node based in lumberyard (it can be achieved but a little complex) .

For now, I have several thoughts:

  1. Just preparing several different textures (it is not too time consuming as I am using substance painter) and apply them to the object randomly to make players unable to notice the repeating easily.
  2. Using vegetation system, treat the object as vegetation.
  3. Rotating. The problem is that the texture is painted as ‘tri-plannar projection’ and every projected face is just the same (it looks different in the screenshot because I painted another layer with moss).
  4. Using the method as painting terrain which means using highpass filtered texture. But I’m afraid this will throw away a lot of details and reduce the material quality.
  5. Adding decals (like small moss) or small vegetation (life grass and leaves). Adding decals will be time consuming and add vegetation can not solve all repeating problems.
    So does anyone has some advice on this?


Here are some different ways that I would approach material variation:

  • You can create larger textures that have more variety.
  • Avoid too much contrast in your tiling textures. The contrasting areas will be very visible when the texture tiles.
  • Be creative with the UV layout of your meshes. The UVs in your steps are all sharing the same UV space. Move the different shells around, flip some horizontally, and flip others vertically. This will make a big difference!
  • Vegetation and other objects you place into the world can be strategically placed to hide the tiling.
  • You will have to use decals to break up repeating patterns in your textures. At this time, this isn’t going to be something that is avoidable.
  • For terrain textures, I would use a mega terrain texture and a variety of splat maps to blend terrain materials together.
    I hope this all helps! Good luck and post another image when you have an update :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice.

I am working with terrain texture, architecture with large and small parts and some other tiny detailed objects. After reading some docs and testing by myself. I found that assets in game really need some different tricks for different situations. Satisfying render result depends on how to fake them. So I guess there is not an universal ‘best way’, trying is always needed.

am working on an oasis level recently, and the result is much more better after many times trying. Perhaps I could share it after finished.