Betrayal at Krondor: Remastered - A Self-Teaching Exercise.

I’m currently working on a “remaster” of my old RPG “Betrayal at Krondor,” largely as an exercise to teach me the ins and outs of using the new Lumberyard Engine. I’ll be posting info about it on my blog at as well as posting videos about my progress on it. The first demonstration video is here on YouTube:

Looking forward to seeing what other folks are doing with the tools! :slight_smile:


Very cool, thanks for sharing these details! I had no idea about the dialog system’s true capabilities, but seeing it in the flesh (in the pixels?) is extremely helpful.

I played that, and loved it. Let me know if you’re ever interested in someone to collaborate with? I can model, do environments, and texture

Awesome! I was just watching videos of this game. It brings back some intense memories from childhood! I’ll be watching and thanks for the first one!

Wait… you wrote Betrayal at Krondor !! I loved that game !

This is amazing, Betrayal at Krondor is my all time favorite RPG. The lore and the story line were fantastic. But the world exploration was way ahead of it’s time. One of the best RPGs from the golden age of DOS gaming. Good luck with your new project. Excited to see it.

Are you still working on this by chance? I’d love to see a remaster. :slight_smile: