Billboards, materials, and LODs

One thing that I think would be very useful is to be able to do is use a billboard for far far away LODs. However, I can’t figure out how to make Billboards using Lumberyard besides using the “Look At” component and a plane with the image on it looking directly at the camera. However, I was hoping there was a better to do this such as a material property so that I could set the very last LOD as a plane and billboard material. This would also be useful I think for the LODs for trees. I’m not using speedtree. I’m using a free alternative “Tree It” from evolved software that creates nice trees but the problem is that I have to create my own LODs for each tree. I was hoping to be able to turn the leaves into billboards for some of the LODs because far away trees don’t look very “leafy” due to culling.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi , ive been using “Tree It” to, i don’t know if you try it but when you create a material on LumberYard for the leaf you have to check that element (Double sided / 2 Sided)

And for the LOD i both a tree with Lod Texture on CGTrader, its working well and now i’m trying to understand how it works on LumberYard, i give you back what i learned in few days!