Black screen in release version on android (Loading)


When running the game in release mode it takes 8-14 minutes to load during which OS keeps prompting to shut the the game down because it is not responding.

I have packed the assets and shaders into apk and once loaded the game is mildly playable.

Moreover, i have turned release logging on but saw no relevant information as to why the game is behaving like this.

1 as well now, which:

When set to 0: the game would skip quickly through splash screens and get stuck on black screen but i never waited long enough to see if game would load.

When set to 1: game would hang on second splash screen for a few minutes before changing to black screen after which the game would continue loading there.

I have compiled the release version of game on PC and it loads and runs quickly on it (takes about 0.3 seconds to load).

Profile version loads relatively quickly on android as well. (Tested on Xiomi redmi note 4 (android 6.0) and nexus 5X (android 8.1.0))

Is there anything i can do to make the game load and run better on android?

Hey @Vidas_Maslauskas,

Apologies for the slow response. Is this still an issue for you or were you able to resolve it?

It is still an issue on the phones i mentioned. Got it running on samsung s8 but it acts very quirk: crashes during start, takes longer to load, fails to access or transfer assets on occasion, shader compilling is messy and i get a few missing shaders no matter what i do, building requires you to have gles3.0 shaders but found no device with 3.0 that supports lumberyard (just renamed gles3.1 folder to 3.0 to get deployer to work).

Thank you for the additional information. I’ll provide those details to the team.

I have a same issue. Is there any update on this? Thanks.

I think I got it compile correctly this time, 1.19.0, had to add a parameter to build right, then has getting

[WARN] Failed to detect a valid path with correct permissions for device LMX410FGNc2d0119f

[ERROR] Failed to deploy the build to any connected devices.

so I copied APK with assets and now getting Logo and black screen for time, I hope its loading. I could also try debugging in VS

my build command was:

lmbr_waf.bat build_android_armv7_clang_release -p all --zones=android_library

it was not doing that google http libraries part without the --zones=andriod_library