Blender FBX Export Best Practices for Characters & Animations

Hey Lumberyard Community,

We wanted to make sure the information was a bit more accessible since there have been some oddities reported lately with some assets that come in from the Blender FBX workflow into Lumberyard. For the moment, this is what we have uncovered regarding the best approaches with FBX assets from Blender for characters and animations:

Option 1 - Adjust your Export FBX Apply Scale Setting:

When exporting an FBX from Blender, check that your Apply Scale setting is set to FBX Units Scale. Since Blender units typically default to Meters, and FBX typically prefers Centimeters, you can let the export handle the conversion for you.


Option 2 - Adjust your Blender Scene Units:

In your Scene settings, change the Units to the Centimeters preset, which will automatically set the Unit Scale to 0.01.

This may actually be the less preferred option as it will likely result in your asset coming in smaller than you want, and you would need to adjust the size of the asset in the file and re-export again.

We’ll try to keep this thread updated as more information is uncovered or reported by other Blender users.