Blender GIS plugin for importing terrain data from Google,Bing,Nasa etc

This looks like a really useful tool to quickly get some good general realistic terrain data into Blender and then to Lumberyard.

And here’s a handy video showing how to isntall/use the tool in Blender

It’s been pointed out - some of the options in this addon might not be legal to use in a commercial game. Definitely look into the license terms for the various data sources first.


@petrocket Great , Is it possible , then you make video tutorial that you import this huge map to lumberyard ? OK? I can not see , The man in the video import huge map blender to lumberyard :blush: How Do it?

This video tutorial request may not be interesting for you, but there are many beginners who do not really know this video tutorial process …

@didzey I think , This topic/tutorial is very good/useful for you & your project ,NO? :wink:

Thanks for the info this could be useful for game devs and modelers. Thanks!

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