Blendshapes out of Maya into Lumberyard

Hello all,

Our team was having difficulty getting blendshape animation to play in Lumberyard, and here is how we figured out how to get them to show/work, so hopefully this can help someone else!

First, we setup our character’s blendshape heads following these documentations:
After exporting the blendshape animation properly, we set up the Character Definition, Character Parameters, and the Character Animation in Gepetto. However, we could not view the animation in the Gepetto window. The Blendvertex joints would move, but the blendshape animation would not play. After some trial and error we found what seems to be a bug that blendshape animation could only be viewed/played through the main viewport. So, to get it into the main viewport we did the following:
Right Click in Main Viewport > Create New Component EntityClick Add Component > Rendering > Skinned Mesh Click (…) choose already created Character Definition
Under Entity Inspector, click Add Component > Animation > Simple Animation (in our case this is the Blendshape animation)

With the Lumberyard team hard at work this will likely become a non-issue real soon here, but for now we hope that this information can be useful!

Thanks for sharing this information!