Body content is empty in http post from lua script

All the HTTP GET requests are working great as the tutorial shows.

But POST is not. I have look the c++ code looking for POST support and it seems to have. The body with the json is not been posted. Any ideas? My lua script:

	local session = {
Properties = {},
function session:OnActivate()
local url = ""
local http_method = "POST"
local json_body = "{\"a\" : \"b\"}"
HttpClientComponentRequestBus.Event.MakeHttpRequest(self.entityId, url, http_method, json_body);
function session:OnHttpRequestSuccess(responseCode, responseBody)
Debug.Log("HTTP RESPONSE -- " .. responseCode);
Debug.Log("HTTP BODY -- " .. responseBody);
function session:OnHttpRequestFailure(errorCode)
Debug.Log("HTTP Error -- " .. errorCode);
function session:OnDeactivate()
return session

I was looking at the headers sent with the POST and the content-type is also not sent.

tks a lot! version here

did you update much thing on lua script support from 1.8 to 1.8+?

I’ve created a request to have a tech take a look and chime in here. Sorry you are having these issues.

In, nothing in the way of Lua support.

@Binky_LMBR I am using 1.9.1 now and the POST is not sending the body as well. Did you guys fix this?

Hello @aridias,

Unfortunately, this is a known issue in 1.9 and is being addressed in the next release. Stay tuned!


@aridias 1.10 update!! Thanks!

post paylod populated now! 1.10 fixed this. Tks a lot guys!