broken additive alpha do not take into account alpha from texture and vertex color

hi devs! I recently made some test with material and find that “additive alpha” option in materials are broken. VIDEO

here my’s texture for test (as you see it heve some gradient in alpha channel)

also I add VCol with alpha for geometry , you may see it here

so when I enable addtive option “normally” it’s should takes into account all alphas (from texture and vcol).

for instance this bug do not allow made, nice looking fadeing that may be controlled with alpha from texture or vcol

also take a look on material that try to uses AlphaTest with alpha from vertex color in same time, there also bug. Because if we need made fade on corners of geometry we paint it with alpha (black) and then if we try to use texture on it with some alpha test value, vcol alpha fade are permanntly ignored

plz fix this sadly shader bugs in next releaces of the engine