[bug][1.12]Material editing broken

I don’t know how to express it in another words, but it is simply broken.

repro case:

Create a new illum material apply it to anything in the scene.

add white diffuse and change specular color … then nothing specular doesn’t change.

saving makes the change appear then nothing again.

the same with emissive intensity…nothing if you don’t save the material. no realtime feedback.

Add to this a huge freeze on saving a material this is making the engine completely useless for me.

desertgreg on slack suggested me a workaround that at least let me to progress further but the material editor is still very frustrating to use.It consist of switching the material after modification, this commits any previous modifications.

This work-around also come with a freeze for me as the relative asset processor job blinks.

Is it possible that it submits multiple jobs for the same task?

Hey @Gamely – apologies for this experence. I’ve sent this bug over to the team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting this! :slight_smile:

Also, when saving, re-updating the FBX, or just switching materials, sometimes it will reset every Shader from that material to the first one on the list, the common.clouds.


I can confirm that the items you identified are broken and we are working to get them fixed. As a workaround for this, it’s possible to use a small white texture for the maps. Once a texture map is input, the parameters will work.

Thanks I’ll use the workaround temporally then plan to make a script to clean all the files out later from the white texture It shouldn’t be so hard as they are xml.