[bug]1.7 3dsmax plugin look for rc.exe in the wrong directory so doesn't find it.

Plugin look in the windows registry for the key ENG_RootPath the try to access rc.exe in C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\bin64\rc\

That directory doesn’t contain the exe as the 1.7 come with bin directories for vs 2013 and vs 2015 that contains rc.exe.

The plugin sould append to ENG_RootPath the directory in the other key ENG_BinFolder/rc so maybe just the plugin should be provided without to wait for 1.8.

Even copying the files from Bin64vc120\rc to Bin64\rc doesn’t work as the plugin find the rc.exe but fails with

Exception: 0xC0000005, at Address: 0x0033:0x00007FFA93DB0504 calling InitSymbols... dbghelp.dll


SearchTreeForFile: failed
InitSymbols: success
symbols: loaded
Logged at Sunday, January 29, 2017 22:44:24



Exception Code: 0xC0000005

Exception Addr: 0x0033:0x00007FFA93DB0504

Exception Module: ResourceCompilerPC.dll


Description: Attempt to read from address 0x0000000000000158
The memory could not be “read”

So at the moment with 1.7 I couldn’t find any way to export from 3dsmax.

The only viable solution apart from an hotfix would be to install 1.6 side by side to 1.7 and use 1.6 resource compiler.

Yeah I just got the exact same error. Trying a couple tricks. Not sure if gonna work out.

Hoping for some feedback from Amazon.


Moved 1.6 in another drive and deleted it from c then installed 1.7

Interesting. I’ve put in a bug for this.

Hey @Gamely, question, are you running a fresh install of Lumberyard? Or did you upgrade? We’ve seen some instances where if you are running an upgrade some of the directories might not be found properly as you are experiencing.

I just wanted to chime in that I am having this same issue as well.

Yes. I do @Binky_LY

My installing directory is very simple. Just under C:/Amazon. Just as installer pulls it. I haven’t played with anything. Here are some screenshots.

And I just kept the 1.6 installation and actually I have to use it’s exporter to export things for 1.7. Here:

So, if you need to know anything else specific just let me know.


I had to patch the plugin to look for a different registry key I added where I put the path to 1.6 installation.This made me able to export and use 1.7 at the same time.

If this is the only solution at the moment I could share the details I don’t have access to the files at the moment.

@Gamely, @EricRLA, @TAN are you guys still experiencing this issue? I’ve not see any other reports of this and if you have any more info such as install history and the like that will help.

@Binky_LY Yes, I am still having the issue. I’ve tried reinstalling and clearing registry keys before reinstalling with no luck. Also, for me the photoshop plugin is suffering the same issue.

I think I’m having the same issue. Fresh install to C:

Hi all, sorry for the continued frustration on this. I checked and the team is still investigating this issue and is having a hard time reproducing. I’ve added your info to the ticket @J.diGriz.

No better time to trash plugins and speed up fbx import pipeline.