[bug]Bad reflection area over the ocean when Volumetric Fog is enabled.

as you can see the black area it covers a square of 1/4 of the entire ocean.

Noted - thanks @Gamely! I’ve added this to our list on your behalf for further action :slight_smile:

Thanks again for pointing this out @Gamely, we have passed this information along to our product team!


Hi @Gamely, we have a fix for this coming in an upcoming version of Lumberyard but if you want to apply it to your current versionyou can make a one line change.

In dev/Code/CryEngine/RenderDll/XRenderD3D9/D3DHWShader.cpp (around line 3525)


pMoonTex->Apply(nTUnit, texStateID);


pMoonTex->Apply(nTUnit, texStateID, nTexMaterialSlot, nSUnit);

Then compile and the sky reflection should be normal.


Thanks but probably something is missing as this renders the water completely black :frowning: