[bug crash] enabling ai/physic after a play session of Starter Game in editor makes it crash

ai physic enable works correctly just before you test the game in editor.

after you played the game in the editor you cannot enable ai/physic anymore or the editor crashes.

it looks like stopping the play session leave the editor in a compromised state.

It seems to not happen with mid settings.

Sorry for the troubles @Gamely! I’ve added this to our bugs list for someone to take a look at ASAP :slight_smile:


I conducted 2 tests, both cause editor crashes.

Test 1:

  1. Open Editor

  2. Navigated around level.

  3. Enable AI / Physics

  4. Disable AI / Physics

  5. Editor crashes.
    Test 2:

  6. Open Editor, load starter game

  7. Ctrl+G , game mode in view port

  8. [ESC] Exit Game.

  9. Enable Physics / AI

  10. Editor crashes
    We have investigated the issue and sent it to the team for solution.

Thank you again for reporting bugs.