[Bug?]Decal Component Deferred parameter cannot be changed as it is just text.

Deferred parameter uses a label and not a checkbox so you cannot change it’s value set to “No” by default.

Sorry about that, here is the explanation:

Changes that were made:

  • Deferred checkbox is gone on the decal component and render method is set automatically OnStaticObjects projection type is gone
  • Three projection types now: Planar (forward rendered) OnTerrain (forward rendered) OnTerrainAndStaticObjects (deferred rendered) This caused some pre-1.5 decals to be set to the incorrect projection type which will need to be manually set to the correct one.

Thank you for rewriting the answer I can now understand how it works,

I believe that if someone could misunderstand possibly the ui needs some changes maybe as just adding the technique used near the projection type as you did to explain now it to me. nd removing the unnecessary text box and just writing it in a plain label(the one that is clear that cannot be edited in any way).