Bug: Dialogue Editor has no Close button

Not actually a question.

When I select dialogue editor, it appears without any controls to close it.

  1. Dialogue Editor floats above main window, and keeps this position even after closing/reopening project and changing projects.

  2. Was able to fix it with Alt+F4. This is a deeply non-standard hotkey for a windows program.

  3. Other portions of the program are unusable while dialogue editor is up

Hello @Lovelag,

It looks like the window seems to be way bigger than the resolution on your screen. One thing I could recommend would be to try resetting the layout system under View -> Layouts -> Restore Default Layouts in the tool bar.

Can you also please provide any information about the following?

  1. Which Lumberyard version are you using?

  2. What are your resolution settings?

Thank you for your input on this! I will inform my team to have this addressed in a future release.