Bug report: Setup assistant doesn't tell you to update FbxSdk

I have recently upgraded from 1.2 -> 1.3
When doing my first compile I got some FBX related errors.
It turns out that when you run the setup assistant if you check under the FBXSdk section it asks you to install 2016.1.2
I already had 2015.1 installed from using LY 1.2
The setup assistant didn’t actually flag this as out of date

Hello @FlyOnTheWingsOfThrash,

After upgrading from one version of Lumberyard to another it is recommended to always run SetupAssistant to verify the required plugins and sdks are up-to-date. It sounds like you did that already but correct me if I’m wrong, the SetupAssistant didn’t make it very clear that you had to upgrade the FBX SDK?

I’d love to hear more of your feedback on this so that I can inform my team about it =)

Thanks for using Lumberyard!