Build project problem 1.17.00. Can anyone help

8002-lmbr-create.txt (25.4 KB)lmbr-create.txt

Hi @Noskyred,

2 sets of warnings/errors stand out…

  1. The warnings about file permissions might be a clue.
[WARN] Unable to copy C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\3rdParty\AWS\AWSNativeSDK\1.4.34\bin\windows\intel64\vs2015\Release\aws-cpp-sdk-core.dll to destination c:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Bin64vc140\aws-cpp-sdk-core.dll. Check the file permissions or any process that may be locking it.

Solution: Try marking the Bin64vc140 folder and all of its contents as writable. They might be locked/read-only and so the build process isn’t able to overwrite the existing DLLs with the newly built DLLs.

  1. If fixing #1 doesn’t work, the other error might be a clue.
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'windows.h': No such file or directory

Solution: Re-install Visual Studio (VS) with the proper settings. Here’s a forum post with the same windows.h error. It’s a bit old, but may help.

There are quite a few features to enable for Visual Studio. Have you gone through the SetupAssistant.exe process? SetupAssistant is pretty good at showing which VS components to install.

Let me know if this helps!