Building the multiplayer sample dedicated server hangs at 1820/1855


This is the first time i’ve been trying to use lumberyard.

I’ve been following the"Packaging your server build" tutorial for the Multiplayer Sample, and got to the part where i run:

lmbr_waf configure build_win_x64_vs2013_release_dedicated -p game_and_engine --enabled-game-projects MultiplayerSample --progress

The problem is that the command hangs at 1820/1855.

Here is the picture

Unless you are far ahead in your knowledge in LY, you shouldn’t build release mode yet because it’s a special build when you are preparing a game for the packaged build.

While you are starting out, you should simply build profile builds:

lmbr_waf configure build_win_x64_vs2013_profile_dedicated -p game_and_engine --enabled-game-projects MultiplayerSample --progress

I want to evaluate its dedicated server hosting capabilities with gamelift. I was following the tutorial provided on this link and it clearly states which command should be used. Am i using the wrong command?