Bullet Firing Issue

Ok so im having an odd issue.
I am trying to create a fireable weapon.
this is my current scriptcanvas for the left mouse button.

When i attempted to use this it spawns rapidly causing the bullets to collide with each other.
Adding the delay at the end solved the issue but i am still getting 2 fires.
one for pressed one for held.

Any suggestions how to properly solve this?

Ok so since i have not gotten any replies i would like to give my semi working solution.

Basically in this version i added a variable to detect what the first mode is.
Still have rapid fire ability issue and not a controled fire rate.
Any suggestions please?

Hi @alexescamilla, normally you would want to control your fire rate with a cooldown variable or nextFireTime variable. What I usually do is initialize the nextFireTime variable to 0, then every time the left mouse button is pressed/held I check if nextFireTime < currentTime. If it is, fire a bullet and set nextFireTime = currentTime + fireRate.