C++ GameLift Realtime Client SDK

It seems that the GameLift Realtime Client SDK is available only for C# (i.e. for Unity).

Is there an easy way to connect to a GameLift Realtime Server from a C++ game client?

Thank you


Sorry for the late reply.

A lot is going to depend on your definition of easy unfortunately. Is there a pre-built solution for you? Not at this time.

I would refer you to Connecting to the RealtimeScript-based server after reserving a game session successfully - #8 by Tyelor

Its not a massive effort, but it is an effort and an unsupported one at that.

IMHO you would be better writing a very simple headless server that meet your communication needs. Have rolled a couple of servers on top of C++/IXWebSocket and Protobuf but you could easily use NodeJS etc.

Yes, I already opted for a custom light dedicated server in C++: I estimate it requires a lesser effort.

BTW: with easy I meant something like using a prebuilt library.

Thank you