C++ Hot Reload Gem - Working on 1.24 -> Devs heads up (include hack for undefined symbols)

You have it available here as always: https://github.com/CppHotReload/Lumberyard

If you use Ly 1.22 or Ly 1.23 don’t use master branch: https://github.com/CppHotReload/Lumberyard/tree/Ly_1.23

Known Problems in Ly 1.24

  • Hack in CppHotReloadLyHook.h to resolve 2 static variables symbols that were introduced in the new version, more info here: C++ Hot Reload Gem not working on 1.24 - Questions for Ly Devs
  • Set breakpoints don’t work after made a change in the code, this cannot be resolve until a developer of Ly can invest time with me to dig down into the issue (related to the serialization system). Not all pointers in Ly are captured and that’s why Visual Studio cannot determine in which binary break.

Let’s trust on Ly developers, I know many people are a bit angry/mad/sad with the new version.

My 2 cents for Lumberyard team

  • Prepare a version or notify developers before release so we can adapt our Gems, work with us to resolve, and improve issues, so when you launch the new version all Gems works properly.
  • I propose a video call and invest time from your side working together if you want a much better integration of C++ Hot Reload with Lumberyard, from the Gem side I cannot do much more.

Thanks for all the support and messages I’m getting from the community.
See you in the Discord channel if you need help with the Gem: https://discord.gg/9gsaNnD