Calling InitSDK() on remote fleet will hang the game

I have an issue when running remotely on aws. I’m using the exact code from this example:

When I run locally, with the test server, I am able to set up a game and connect to it fine. However, when I package the build and run it on a gamelift fleet, the server will hang when it calls:

I’ve added logs to confirm that this is the line causing the issue. I’ve run some tests and noticed this exact behaviour when I try to run locally without the test server running, so I’m guessing it isn’t able to connect to gamelift. However, I’m not able to run the test server when I remotely access the fleet instance, as it will not be able to bind to the port. The fleet ID is fleet-7cb5dc07-196d-4371-8a2b-65e397e2ee7d. Is there anything more I should be doing to get this working?

I think I figured out what my issue was. When I uploaded my game, the path for executable was:
This was actually a redirect for

It turns out that for some reason GameLift doesn’t like being accessed from a different executable, so I set the exe path to that and it works.